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A leading theatre company specialising in creating theatrical experiences in unique locations. Working in partnership with Thames Limo the Immersive Ensemble has created a selection of unique, intimate events that play out in the surroundings of the luxury bespoke charter service. Whilst sailing through the heart of London on the River Thames you can be part of an exclusive, unforgettable trip. Interacting with characters, playing a part in the story or sitting back to relax in and take in the view as events unfold around you. The Immersive Ensemble presents several truly unique experiences in a beautifully unique city…

Black and gold feathers and fluff decorations for dinner party


Join the notorious Jay Gatsby on his ‘private boat’ as he hosts a party for his closest friends: A 1920’s evening of champagne, socialising and a touch of scandal. As the ultimate host, Gatsby has taken care of everything and will tailor his party to suit you. As you journey down the river enjoying cuisine from London’s top restaurateurs, you will be accompanied by live music, exceptional singers, inner circle magicians and world-renowned circus acts. Slip-on your party shoes, pop some bottles for a Jazz age night of debauchery.

Performers: 4 characters + chosen additional elements (live band, magician, circus performer, singer, dance troupe), number of performers subject to total number of guests on board and bespoke arrangement for the performance. Please contact us to discuss.

Murder on Thames - Bourne Luxury Boat


An invitation from an anonymous source brings together a boat of supposedly unconnected strangers for a cruise through the heart of London. But as the boat sets sail a murder is committed. It becomes clear that there was more to this invitation than meets the eye and it’s up to you to find the culprit before this pleasure cruise becomes a ghostship. Murder on the Thames casts guests as the detectives in their murder mystery: Following up on clues, interrogating suspects and making bold accusations to solve the puzzle before time runs out.

Performers: 6, number of performers subject to total number of guests on board and bespoke arrangement for the performance. Please contact us to discuss.

Drinks with our Prime Minister

You are in need to discuss some urgent political matters with the British Prime Minister over a pint? Have a question about what is to be done? Enjoy a light comedy dinner companion in the TikTok sensation, Mr. Tommy Moore, on board known better as BoJo!

Celebrity Tommy as British Prime Minister

Is there a theme you want your night to be? A character you’d love to meet? A world you’d want to live in for a couple of hours only. Let us know and we will create a unique bespoke story and evening for you and your guests.


  • 3 piece band on shore
  • 4 piece band on shore
  • Specialist performers on shore
  • Additional performers on shore
  • Gift bags for guests tailored to the event
  • Additional two hours late-night extended party for guests

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